My latest project is a series of one- or two-hander mini-musicals, each one telling someone’s personal story. A receptionist’s first ever singing lesson; a blogger whose life-coaching has unexpected consequences; a hotel guest who’s checked in with no plans to check out again … every character has a tale to tell, and all those tales are linked, somehow, to the others. The first selfie introduces us to Melody Smart, who finds her encounter with a singing teacher unexpectedly traumatic. ‘Melody’ played to full houses at the Old Fire Station’s Crisis Café, the Jam Factory and the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. Here’s some of the audience feedback from those shows:

‘Brilliantly written and superbly executed’
‘Moving, funny, fasincating, absorbing’
‘Flawlessly performed’
‘Poignant, funny, painful, uplifting and deeply human’
‘Who butters digestives??’

—and a review by arts writer Nicola Lisle on her blog Oxfordshire Classical Music. 

Melody heads out of Oxford in the autumn, hopping over to Ross-on-Wye’s Phoenix Theatre on 21 September——and then on to other venues—watch this space!

Next in line for the Selfies will be Lady M, a blogger whose vicarious ambitions get out of hand …

Rehearsal shot of Guy Brigg as Evangeline Gibson in ‘Melody’