Murderous insects, griffins and centaurs, jazz funk, electronica and tea for two … these are among our themes for the summer term of the English National Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s workshops. Our classes, based on the ENB’s current production, will explore the extraordinary dynamism of choreographers William Forsythe, Jerome Robbins and Aszure Barton, whose short pieces, featured in ‘Voices of America’, are wowing critics and audiences alike. Plenty of food for imagination, dance and creativity from our wonderful participants, whose work on the DfP programme recently featured on the TV magazine series ‘Inside Out’ and can be glimpsed along with our other hubs and the ENB’s company dancers in this short film.

In 2018 teamed up with talented dance practitioner Danielle Teale, creator of the DfP programme, to lead a weekend of workshops for Scottish Ballet, who plan to run similar sessions in Glasgow.