A magic tree, a wicked stepmother, the prince who pretends to be a beggar, the drudge who turns into a princess … all the ingredients of a perfect fairytale are here. Add to those the Sergei Prokofiev’s uniquely sublime score and Christopher Wheeldon’s refreshing new plot and choreography, and you have a feast for all the senses. ENB’s exciting new production of Cinderella in the round at the Royal Albert Hall is the basis for our summer term of Dance for Parkinson’s workshops, which I co-lead in Oxford as an ENB Associate Artist. Plenty of food for imagination, dance and creativity from our wonderful participants, whose work on the DfP programme can be glimpsed along with our other hubs and the ENB’s company dancers in this short film.

I recently  teamed up with talented dance practitioner Danielle Teale, creator of the DfP programme, to lead a weekend of workshops in Glasgow for Scottish Ballet, who plan to run similar sessions; as well as an introductory course for DfP teachers at the People Dancing conference in De Montfort University, Leicester. The physical and psychological benefits of music, movement and imagination are increasingly recognised by the medical profession, and their effects on our participants in every session are an absolute joy to see.