Music for Events

I play piano at private functions, weddings and events, either solo or with instrumentalists or singers. On this page you can find some sample tracks and a link to Opera Anywhere, whose Singing Waiters and other pop-up opera events can give a new twist to any gathering …

Opera Anywhere


Julia Watson—click here to hear sample tracks


photo by Sophie Goldsworthy 

terzina (with Sarah Leatherbarrow and Rebecca Martin)—click here to hear sample tracks

087 17-52-10

mezzopiano—click here to hear sample tracks

“Congratulations on an excellent evening. I enjoyed it; it was relaxing and fun as well as very professional.”

” … you added a lot of class to the atmosphere of the evening. … There was lots of favourable feedback.”

“Many thanks … for a very emotional and engaging hour. You are both such amazing interpreters – I got very swept along with the stories and the feelings.”


Solo piano rates: initial hour £135; every subsequent half-hour £65