VERITY — ditched at her wedding, nagged by her mum, hates her job … and it’s only Monday.

DEXTER — jobless, clueless, and faced with the wedding of the century … can mysterious Moira Day, an alter ego and a herd of Moroccan donkeys save the day?

One wedding is seen from two points of view in our short companion musicals. VERITY made her Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2019, gaining a four-star review from The Mumble; in 2023 she returned, along with prequel DEXTER, and earned more great reviews and feedback. Videos of all those productions are available on Scenesaver and on the Three Chairs and a Hat Youtube channel. Both shows made the semi-finals of the Edinburgh Film Awards for Winter 2024 — congratulations to all the team 🎬

VERITY was voted BEST MUSICAL in the 2022 Scenesaver Birthday Honours Awards. 

Here are some of the reviews for VERITY and DEXTER:
‘…a  veritable modern masterpiece’ …  ‘A fabulous piece on so many levels’
‘Fantastically clever … snappy, inherently human’
‘Sharp and witty … buzz with ambition’
‘More than a hint of Sondheim … each [show] deepens and strengthens the other’

To hear some songs from the show click here .

VERITY and DEXTER scores and scripts are available for hire. If your group or society would like to stage it, head to the Contacts page and drop me a line for more information.

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